Improving cold chain visibility

Cal/Amp has produced a whitepaper entitled ‘Cold Chain Integrity: Visibility for Safety and Compliance’.

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Transportation and storage of temperature of condition-sensitive products such as pharmaceuticals and food are complex, demanding and expensive. The risk of loss or damage to the cargo has the potential to grow as global shipping drives least cost transport and complicates the cold storage chain.

Regulations are tightening, while at the same time both quality standards and shipping volume make logistics ever more sensitive. A growing middle class in developing nations will continue to push for higher-quality food products at greater distances, with very stringent quality requirements.

More and more specialisation in the pharmaceutical industry results in an increase in shipments of drugs and vaccines that are extremely sensitive to temperature, shock, light and other environmental factors.

As someone responsible for supply chain logistics and in-transit conditions of goods, how would you know that a breach occurred or for how long?

End-to-end supply chain transparency is now more important than ever. Visibility goes beyond methods that have been effective in the past. To improve visibility and brand promise from loss or theft, regulatory compliance and efficiency, companies are turning to the latest Internet of Things (IoT) enablement solutions to secure goods in transit and improve supply chain performance.

Integrated smart solutions provide complete visibility control and reporting:

  • Real-time tracking: leverage IoT technology to closely track and monitor shipments.
  • Compliance: provide granular visibility and validation of shipment integrity for temperature, humidity, shock, light and other factors to remain compliant.
  • Timeliness: receive real-time visibility, status reports and notifications.

Learn how to protect your supply and cold chains by downloading CalAmp's latest whitepaper, ‘Cold Chain Integrity: Visibility for Safety and Compliance’.

Download the full pdf



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