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Boekenhout Abattoir gets extension

Boekenhout Abattoir gets extension

The large-scaled extensions of the Cavalier Boekenhout Abattoir in Cullinan included the installation of a wide variety of high-technology processing and refrigeration equipment.

The project was undertaken by JC van der Linde & Venter Projects. Pieter Venter, JC van der Linde & Venter Project’s contract director, says the project was completed in two phases involving the creation of several new structures and installation of a wide variety of high-technology processing and refrigeration equipment.

Work started in 2015 on Phase 1 which called for the building of the abattoir’s R50-million non-Halaal section, which was followed by Phase 2 which involved the facility’s new beef abattoir and procurement plant. The entire project was completed in November 2016.

Venter says Phase 1 called for three new structures, covering about 5 000m2 in total. This new non-Halaal section of the abattoir includes a processing area with a refrigeration plant which meticulously controls the temperature at which the meat for Cavalier’s various superstores is kept. The contractors had to install highly sophisticated imported mechanical and refrigeration equipment for this phase of the contract. A separate staff structure, which includes a canteen as well as ultra-hygienic washroom and ablution facilities, also formed part of this initial phase of the contract.

“As abattoirs and meat processing facilities provide some of the most challenging environments for concrete flooring, we had to conform to a special mix design for the laying of the ‘Degree 1’ 150mm thick floors which required maximum reinforcement. The stringent floor specification applied to both phases of the project. In addition, the floors had to accommodate an extensive network of stainless steel channels for the constant cleaning, sanitising and degreasing needed for abattoir floors; as well as in-situ cast – virtually hip-high – concrete skirtings to serve as protection against impact from the heavy trollies operating in the abattoir,” Venter states.

Phase 1 also included the provision of a 500m2 refrigeration plant room with a 7m-high roof slab (with a plinth beam design for maximum reinforcement) to accommodate the plant on top of and inside the room.

Hermann Post, JC van der Linde & Venter Projects’ contract manager for the abattoir project, says the major challenges for Phase One included the need for constant liaison with the consulting engineers to cope with the intricate design specifications, as well as a stringent time frame to ensure that critical meat preservation temperatures in the plant were met and adhered to.

The R150-million second phase of the project called for the erection of a new abattoir plant, with a floor area of about 15 000m2 spread over four structures. These include a processing plant to handle order make-up, as well as facilities for deboning and both sheep and beef overnight chilling; and a new dedicated beef abattoir with facilities for slaughtering and offal processing. Staff canteen and washroom/ablution facilities were also provided in the second phase, and JC van der Linde & Venter Projects also handled the installation of a special state-of-the-art twin-rail mechanical slaughtering system for beef. ‘’The new beef abattoir also had to be linked with the existing sheep abattoir through the provision of a special temperature-controlled concrete tunnel, fitted with insulating panels,” Post says.

The contract for the extensions to the abattoir also included wide-ranging and diverse ancillary work such as the provision of new water reservoirs, a major truck washing facility, truck weighbridge, two pump stations for waste and sewage, a septic tank system, IT room, compressor plant, beef lairages, and various ingestor and blood lines leading to the new beef abattoir’s biogas plant. “The contract also called for the construction of all the road networks and civil works and services required for the extension of the abattoir,” Post adds.


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