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Cooling coffee beans improves flavour

Cooling coffee beans improves flavour

A team from the UK University of Bath and Colonna & Smalls found that chilling roasted beans before grinding resulted in narrower distribution of small particles, which during the brewing process allows the same amount of coffee to have more flavour.

The team studied the effect of grinding beans at different temperatures, from room temperature to -196°C, and discovered that the colder the beans the finer and more uniform the particles were from the grind. Small uniform coffee grinds allow for better extraction of the flavour compounds – allowing to brew more coffee and to get more flavour.

That simple discovery could have a major impact for the industry, allowing it to produce a high-quality drink with quite powerful tools.

Check out the full paper by Uman, E et al entitled ‘The effect of bean origin and temperature on grinding roasted coffee’ at: 


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