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DuPont launches 40 microlearning courses

DuPont launches 40 microlearning courses

On 1 June, DuPont Sustainable Solutions launched a library of 40 microlearning e-learning courses and videos that deliver bite-sized safety tips to help improve learning retention and close performance gaps.

"Microlearning offers employees just in time, just in place and just enough training to help elevate risk awareness and prevent incidents on the job. Microlearning is a powerful tool that can deliver short, engaging and impactful learning experiences on focused subject matter," says Mark Wagner, USC regional leader for DuPont Sustainable Solutions.

Designed for refresher training, onboarding or a meeting opener, the videos are two minutes or less in length, include a facilitator's guide and are available on a USB drive, or via streaming video. The e-learning courses feature full-screen video and a short quiz for documentation. This new offering covers the latest workplace safety issues, including hot topics ranging from ‘Dealing with Stress’ to ‘Driving Distraction’, and is suited for the just-in-time performance-based learning requirements of today’s workforce. Microlearning can be used by organisations as part of a blended learning approach to help improve attitudes, behaviours and skills.

A free online preview of each microlearning e-learning course and video is available at: 


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