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Natural refrigerants show accelerated growth at ATMOsphere Australia

Natural refrigerants show accelerated growth at ATMOsphere Australia

The second annual ATMOsphere Australia 2017, held on 2 May, brought together HVAC&R industry leaders from Australia and New Zealand at the beautiful Luna Park conference hall, overlooking Sydney Harbour, to discuss the region’s latest natural refrigerant developments.

Attendees and sponsors agreed that the event was a great success, building on the momentum established by the first ATMOsphere Australia event held last year. The one-day conference welcomed 205 participants from the HVAC&R sector, including 34 end users. Representatives of key industry organisations, the Australian government and leading domestic and international suppliers and end users were among the 32 speakers.

“At this year’s event, we saw an even greater enthusiasm and energy by key companies and organisations, both domestic and international, to tackle the coming HFC phase-down,” says Jan Dusek, managing director (shecco Japan) and business development manager (APAC).

Among the key messages communicated at the conference were the need for increased industry collaboration and training, the continued roll out of natural refrigerant systems in the commercial and industrial sectors, and the improving efficiency of CO2 in Australia’s warm ambient temperatures.

Several representatives from Australia and New Zealand’s key industry associations as well as government officials were in attendance. The policy and training sessions highlighted the government’s intention to work more closely with industry on the gaps in training and standards. It also highlighted the industry’s goal of increasing awareness in Australia of the refrigeration trade to help boost the number of apprentices entering the industry.

ATMOsphere Australia 2017 also brought together representatives from several large retailers and suppliers who spoke about their continued roll-out of natural refrigerant systems in supermarkets, industrial food processing and cold storage. They highlighted the solutions now in place to help overcome warm ambient temperature challenges and the impressive efficiency gains delivered by natural refrigerant-based systems.

In a first for ATMOsphere events worldwide, the conference featured the brand-new CEO interview session. The session featured an in-depth discussion between shecco CEO Marc Chasserot and gourmet food importer and distributor F Mayer Imports’ CEO Robbie Mayer on key factors influencing his company’s decision to use natural refrigerants.

A welcome drinks reception the day before the event provided conference attendees with unparalleled opportunities to network with key industry leaders. Fitting in with the positive and forward-looking energy of the conference, attendees were encouraged to ride the Luna Park Bumper Cars attraction before the closing networking dinner – and many happily obliged.

The next day offered attendees a free site visit to TAFE NSW sponsored by Danfoss. The site visit gave conference attendees exclusive access to Australia’s leading provider of vocational training as well as an opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge of natural refrigerant training in Australia.

Overall, conference attendees were energised and optimistic as they looked forward to the coming year’s natural refrigerant growth and development along with the other ATMOsphere events that have been and will be held in San Diego (5 to 7 June), Bangkok (6 September) and Berlin (25 to 27 September) this year.


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