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SEIFSA ‘Company of the Year’ goes to HC Heat

HC Heat-Exchangers was awarded the very prestigious honour of being recognised as South African Company of the Year at the annual SEIFSA Awards for Excellence, held on 25 May.

The Steel and Engineering Industries Federation of Southern Africa (SEIFSA) is a national Federation representing over 2 000 companies in the steel and engineering sector. Together all these companies employ over 200 000 employees making the receipt of this award a great achievement.

HC00 1

HC won the award because of its labour practices (its policies towards their staff), its innovation, and its continued growth and contribution to employment.

To thank the team for their hard work, managing director Robert Kruger held a small get together on 7 June for all HC employees to share in the success of this achievement.

“We work hard. We come to work and every day we push, we try to do better. Very often it feels like we are not making progress. We become so consumed by our work and seemingly never-ending problems that we can't see the progress. Sometimes it takes someone from outside to make us take note of what we have achieved. Well, today I am very proud to be able to tell you that we have made progress, we have made a difference and that it has been noticed that HC has moved forward,” Kruger said in his thank you speech to staff on the day.

HC00 2

Kruger went on to say, “They recognised us as being a leader. This was achieved by all of us. The team, the HC family. Together we make this company what it is. I am proud to be able to say that I work at HC and that I work with all of you. This trophy is for all of us. Congratulations, well done! Together we will continue to go forward and we will continue to improve.”


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