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Cool Logistics to explore effect of new technology

The 9th Cool Logistics Global Conference and exhibition will feature a dedicated one-day technology workshop on 25 September 2017.

The workshop will cover topics such as digitisation in all areas of the perishable supply chain, artificial intelligence, the deployment of new storage techniques, temperature monitoring, cold chain transparency, and intelligent packaging.


Asset owning without a firm grip on proper asset management represents a huge financial risk. Equally, a shortage of transportation assets can put the logistics sector at a considerable disadvantage and a loss of commercial opportunities. In an era where the shortening ‘shelf life’ of technologies is posing challenges, listening to the practical experiences of both shippers and service providers can offer delegates important insights to assist investment decisions.

“The Cool Logistics Global Technology Workshop is the ideal forum to take perishable logistics technologies to task,” says Alex von Stempel, director of Cool Logistics Resources. “Delegates will have the chance to ask senior executives probing questions to reveal just how the technologies can be used to tap into new revenue streams and gain ground in a competitive market

Cool Logistics Global, the annual conference for shipping and logistics people, will seek once more to define the edge of possibility in terms of shipping, trading, and the logistics of perishables. Tackling issues including the latest trends in logistics, container shipping, infrastructure, and distribution planning and reefer container handling, the event will also explore food prices, environmental challenges, and data harvesting.

The year 2017 will be the first year that Cool Logistics Global will be held in Algeciras. Located at the tip of Southern Europe — virtually on the edge of the African continent — Algeciras attracts a higher concentration of reefer cargoes from Latin America than many of its competitors in both Southern and Northern Europe.

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