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IIR handbook now available

The new International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR) Handbook on Indirect Refrigeration and Heat Pump Systems highlights the application of indirect systems with secondary fluid circuits such as in artificial ice rinks, commercial refrigeration and ground-source heat pumps.

Although most refrigeration systems are constructed as direct systems, such as systems with direct expansion, indirect systems with secondary fluid circuits have long been used for systems where there are many places to be cooled or where long pipes are required, such as in artificial ice rinks, commercial refrigeration and ground-source heat pumps with long collector tubes in the ground.

Indirect systems have come into focus to an ever-increasing extent because of requirements governing tighter constructions to minimize refrigerant leakage from plants as well as changing legislation implemented to achieve the phasing out of various types of CFC, HCFC and high-GWP refrigerants.

A handbook on indirect systems was published in Swedish in 2010 in cooperation with over 20 companies and experts and an English translation has been prepared by the IIR.

The chapters deal with:

  1. Direct and indirect systems
  2. Indirect system solutions
  3. Components
  4. Secondary fluids
  5. Corrosion
  6. Environmental aspects
  7. Projecting and dimensioning
  8. Design and control of system
  9. System construction and installation
  10. Optimisation of indirect systems

The handbook aims to help the industry to understand and work with indirect systems.

The handbook is available in digital and print format.

Find out more here. (Click below)




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