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MACs – training with a personal touch

Macs Auto regularly holds training and from 1 to 3 August a full class of 14 gathered at the company’s Johannesburg office to learn the ropes with a mix of theoretical work and two days of hands-on practicals.

Macs usually does training every six weeks in groups of four to 10 people to ensure everyone gets individual attention. “Especially since it’s such a large amount of information we go through over a time,” explains Donald McCallum of Macs Auto who led the training. He has been handling the training for many years and is very passionate about it.

Macs00 1
A full classroom for the recent Macs Auto training session.

Only the first day the training is theoretical and is classroom-based. After which, it’s all practical, hands-on training in the Macs workshops. This lasts for two days. But the ‘students’ come back from time to time to the classroom to discuss things. “We continuously ask them questions throughout to see how they are progressing,” explains McCallum.

Students come from all over to do the training and this time there were people from as far as Uppington and George. “Industry is asking for the training more and more, especially on the mining side,” explains McCallum. “They leave here and they know what’s going on – that’s my aim. We cut things open, we break things – it’s the only way to learn.”

Macs00 2
One of the test benches set up at Macs for training and R&D.

The training was broken down in the theory and practical as follows:

Level 1 (theory)

  • Safety, laws and regulations.
  • Function and analysis of components.
  • Tools and equipment.
  • Principles and functions of HVAC, diagnostics and testing.
  • Electrical functions and basics.

Level 2 (practical)

  • Basic electrical fault tracing.
  • Reading and understanding of gauges.
  • Charging systems with machines.
  • Charging systems manually.
  • Diagnostics (fault finding).
  • Diagnostics (touch feel diagnosis).
  • Flushing of AC systems and how it should be done.
  • Repairs and good practice.
  • Electrical unit operation and installation.
  • Use of tooling and equipment.

Macs is in the process of setting up more training centres in other parts of the country as well. Watch this space!




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