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Embraco sustainability report highlights propane

Embraco sustainability report highlights propane

Embraco, a light commercial compressor manufacturer, has released its latest sustainability report, mentioning four innovation aspects they consider when developing new technologies.

In Embraco’s 2015/2016 Sustainability Report four innovation aspects are mentioned when considering and developing new technologies; one is natural refrigerants.

‘We are pioneers in using natural refrigerants that, when compared to other fluids, have negligible contribution to global warming and are harmless to the ozone layer,’ the report states.

Along with natural refrigerants, the Brazilian compressor manufacturer also emphasises energy efficiency, cost reduction and miniaturisation.

Natural refrigerants they believe can also help with cost reduction, efficiency and achieving smaller compressors, especially propane.

“In addition to these benefits, natural refrigerants also contribute significantly to reduce energy consumption. Therefore, we adopted propane (R290) as a refrigerant.”

Propane testing, by Embraco, compared to the HFC R404A in three applications has yielded very good results.

In ice cream freezers the report states,’R290 generated a 16% reduction in energy expenditure, which means a real gain of USD26 per year for the consumer and 1 954kg less CO2 in the atmosphere in 10 years.’

Similarly, point-of-sale glass door [freezer’s using] R290 provided a 32% energy reduction, a real gain of USD38 per year for the retailer, and 2 277 kg of CO2 emission was avoided over 10 years.

Vertical freezers had the most savings with 43% reduction in electricity consumption, representing savings of USD226 a year and 1 2764kg of CO2 less in the atmosphere in 10 years.

The Sustainability Report also provides information on Fullmotion compressors, which consume 40 percent less energy compared to conventional technologies.

Along, with the reduction in footprint on the company’s compressors they have heavily invested in reducing the carbon footprint of its supply chain and recycling its waste globally.

“For us, sustainability goes beyond developing intelligent solutions and is present throughout the value chain,” emphasises Ursula Angeli, Embraco’s vice president of sustainability, human resources and communication. “In our view, relationships and processes also need to be sustainable and we believe in our potential to transform realities in the communities that live around our plants and offices around the world.”

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