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GPS tracking increases productivity

Fleetmatics recently published a white paper entitled ‘Four ways you can use GPS tracking to help increase productivity and eliminate payroll issues’. How can this help your business?


GPS vehicle tracking solutions have quickly become the gold standard as a cost-effective way for businesses with vehicle fleets to help reduce fuel and fleet costs. With a GPS tracking system installed, businesses know the location of their vehicles. This helps businesses save fuel through dispatching efficiencies and improved routing. Data gathered by many GPS systems – including driver speed and idle time – can further help businesses by improving safety and decreasing fuel costs.

However, some GPS fleet tracking solutions offer tools and data gathering features that help business owners improve driver productivity and increase payroll efficiency – both of which can ultimately reduce overtime hours and garner additional revenue.

In a study by Aberdeen Group, a respected firm that studies the impact of technology on business, reports that businesses experience a 23% increase in the total number of jobs completed each day per technician with GPS tracking installed in their vehicles. The study also found a 14.8% reduction in average time per job and a 9.9% decrease in overtime pay.

Here are four ways business owners can use a GPS tracking solution to help with productivity and payroll issues. Please note, that not all features are available by all GPS tracking providers.

  1. Better dispatching and routing.
  2. Monitor inefficient employee practices.
  3. Automate timesheets and payroll.
  4. Eliminate unauthorised vehicle usage.

Download the full whitepaper for more detail on each point


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