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Talking Technically: Commercial refrigeration systems

By: Grant Laidlaw – ACRA Training

In the last issue I went into food preservation and in this issue we continue with commercial refrigeration systems

Rory Macnamara of Cold Chain and Grant Laidlaw from the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Academy (ACRA) introduced a concept around training the refrigeration industry. The idea uses this publication as the vehicle to achieve the dissemination of the material, with ACRA managing the material and assessments.

The ultimate aim is to give individuals working in the industry new skills by assessing their progress on all required modules and then signing off their logbooks. The completed logbook, signed off by employer, individual and ACRA assessors, would give the candidate the skills to apply for a section 28 trade test. The cost is reduced as only an assessment cost will be levied, and time away from work reduced.

ACRA is an accredited decentralised trade test centre and Laidlaw personally conducts refrigeration trade testing at the Department of Labour’s testing facility in Olifantsfontein. A candidate passing trade test has the authority to work on three phase systems up to 1 200V.

Please note: This is not a shortcut to a trade test. All modules will be assessed and moderated by ACRA assessors/moderators. Evidence from your employer will be required. Time frames with regards to workplace experience will be enforced.

Having a well-considered business plan will keep your business on the straight and narrow.

To all the companies out there: funding is available for the training of apprentices. We will assist you in all aspects regarding indenturing apprentices. This is open to the entire industry.

The term ‘commercial refrigeration’ applies to the medium range plants and applications such as factory-built fixtures of the types used in retail stores, restaurants, hotels, etc. It also applies to cold and freezer rooms used in the same applications.

Since numerous applications are covered by the term commercial refrigeration, a wide variety of equipment is constituted for its use.

The compressor, condensers and controls are basically the same as utilised in other applications.

Many special evaporators are available for installation in commercial refrigeration equipment. These are referred to as air coolers, unit coolers and/or blower coolers. A good place to start is air coolers.

Read more about this technical in Cold Chain November/December 2014 Vol 28 No 5 page 13.

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