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Customer service: Why adding value is critical

By: Paul du Toit – Managing director of Congruence Training

As a discerning consumer you’ll have a good idea of what good service is and how it feels. That’s because you’ve experienced both good and great service from the many establishments out there providing the discerning customer excellent service experiences. You’ve experienced the benefits that come with a great customer experience – great products, improved design, convenience, back up, and the satisfaction that results. Consequently, you have a reasonable idea of exactly what constitutes good service (in your opinion) and what doesn’t.

That’s precisely where most of us set our service expectation bar – just above ‘good’.

As a result, ‘good’ no longer cuts it – not even slightly. This may appear an unreasonable assertion, but consider this: Have you ever heard anyone raving about a good experience? When someone enthuses about a recent exceptional experience, the description is more likely to be embroidered with words such as ‘incredible’, ‘fantastic’, ‘awesome’, ‘mind-boggling’ or in other words substantially more descriptive than ‘good’.

So a restaurant experience where the food was tasty, delivered in an acceptable time frame in a pleasant manner and at a fair price does nothing to differentiate that brand from anyone else doing the same thing. Yes, it’s fine – and that’s that. You’ll return if it suits you or if you have no other choice. It’s unlikely you’ll drive 50km to go there again. The places you return to must be memorable – good is what is expected as a bare minimum.

Read the full article on page 53 of the April 2014 issue of RACA Journal.

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