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Customer service: seven steps to good service

By: Paul du Toit – regular contributor

I often ask myself why customer service remains a problem around the world, despite all the information available to address the issue.

It seems so logical: give great service and you’ll keep your customers. Everywhere there are pockets of exceptional service, but it seems to remain there: in pockets. The issue appears to be the motivation to provide consistently good service. Only when attitudes change within organisations or establishments does service improve – in other words, when there is a permanent adjustment in the culture.

Poor service has an invisible cost. More often, customers who receive poor service don’t complain to the establishment – they bleat to their friends. This is damaging in two respects. Firstly, it does not give the establishment an opportunity to respond or improve, and secondly it drives business away from the establishment. It’s bad for everyone, those giving and those receiving the service.

But I would like to approach this from a completely different angle, away from the much maligned service provider and what they should be doing. A different question is: What could you, the customer, be doing to help the situation?

There is a way that the customer can take responsibility for receiving great service which overrides company culture. This involves the customer appealing to the good nature of the individual with whom you are dealing at the time and using communication skills to ensure, or at least encourage good service. It is also fair to take a balanced view of customer expectations and ask if the customer is being fair in their expectations.

For example, what right does the customer have to demand impeccable service all the time under any and all circumstances?

Read the full article on page 63 of the May 2015 issue of RACA Journal.

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