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Five ways to keep your customers happy

By: Paul du Toit – regular contributor

What are the factors that ensure customer satisfaction? We discover ways that will give them what they want and keep them satisfied

Customers are now spoilt for choice more than they ever have been in the past. In quality terms, there is greater similarity between products than ever before, and because we have so many options it’s become more difficult to make accurate value comparisons.

Although customers feel they analyse before purchasing, very often decisions are made emotionally rather than analytically, or on the basis of convenience.

So how can you ensure that you keep your new and old customers happy so that they continue using your products and services rather than those of someone else?

Here are five ways that will ensure customer satisfaction:

1. Find out what your customers want
The only way you can consistently give your customers what they need is if you know what they want. Too many companies think they know what their customers want. But they don’t, because they never ask them. As a result we’re often flying blind with no real idea of why our customers actually choose us over another company or vice versa.

So find ways to engage your customers in direct and open conversations. Make this a regular, sometimes spontaneous part of your business; not an annual survey. Make it personal and real. Why do they do business with you? What do they expect? How do they want to be treated? What do you do for them that no one else does? What would make them leave? Ask these questions and more. The skills you display in giving them what they want now will ensure that they return to you for their future needs.

2. Create Easy & Convenient ways for Customers and Employees to Offer Feedback
Feedback is not only priceless, it is essential for the health of your business. The best management information comes from the point of experience, where your customers and employees interact. By capturing this information via simple recording mechanisms (quick surveys, making notes etc) you are providing real feedback that can be used to improve customer satisfaction. Always acknowledge the feedback you receive, appreciate it and do something with it or they may stop sending it your way. It is then vital to act on the feedback you receive.

Read the full article on page 62 of the July 2015 issue of RACA Journal.

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