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Honeywell’s anti-counterfeiting solution

Refrigeration manufacturer Honeywell has partnered with branding company Kezzler and industrial printing company Brady to curb counterfeiting of Honeywell refrigerants. The companies jointly developed a specialty label that is applied to the top of product cylinders and is easily seen or scanned.

The partnership is focused on bringing an anti-counterfeiting solution for Genetron 134a refrigerant, which can be used in automotive, commercial and industrial air conditioning and refrigeration applications.

According to PRWeb, the partnership aims to develop a comprehensive brand protection labelling and tracking solution.

Honeywell-Genetron R134a 225x170Under the partnership programme, Brady provides secure label design services, layered anti-counterfeit materials and serialised label converting and controlled supply chain distribution to combat counterfeiting.

Kezzler’s serialisation solution is expected to provide each product with its digital identity, and Honeywell aims to covert security taggants and detection devices.

In a statement to the source, Dennis Polinski, global product manager of brand protection for Brady, says, “Counterfeit products, particularly when it comes to refrigerants, are a dangerous and costly problem for manufacturers, distributors and consumers around the world. To combat hazardous replications, it's essential to establish and sustain a strong brand protection approach.”

According to the source, all the companies jointly developed a specialty label for various levels of authentication, including a proprietary machine-readable covert taggant, which contains a unique signature in the form of an Over Print Varnish (OPV).

Brady says that the label can be used to eliminating illegal removal and reuse. In addition, it can also be used in tracking and monitoring their product throughout the supply chain.

Garth Zambory, business development manager for Honeywell, says, “This labelling and tracking programme is a much-needed resolution, especially considering the large volume of the product manufactured and shipped globally. We look forward to future opportunities to continue to protect more products through this partnership.

“The partnership between Kezzler and Brady is a great example of how we provide a cost-effective solution to global companies who face ongoing fraud and counterfeiting issues daily,” comments Thomas Körmendi, CEO of Kezzler.



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