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Five-step health check for your business

By: Olivier Barbeau – regular contributor

February is usually the end of the financial year for many businesses. It is also when the Minister of Finance delivers his budget speech highlighting the significant tax changes for the next financial year.

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Understanding profit

By Olivier Barbeau – regular contributor

Turnover is vanity, profitability is sanity

You may think you know what drives your business’ profitability, but it is quite possible you don’t. We frequently encounter small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) owners who are passionate about what they do but rarely examine what lies behind the ups and downs of their income statement.

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Take a break

By: Olivier Barbeau – regular contributor

Can you afford to go on leave as a small-business owner?

Small-business owners (SBOs) don’t take enough vacation time. For most people, going on holiday usually means times and places we go to relax, rejuvenate our energies, and have fun. However, as an SBO, you often associate holidays as the period bracketed by increased workloads, sometimes building stress upon your return that wastes away the motivational and energy reserves you just stocked.

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5 Simple steps to a better budget

By: Olivier Barbeau on behalf of Moore Stephens – regular contributor

Preparing your annual budget is probably one of the least appealing parts of being an entrepreneur. But you don’t do your business — or its customers — any favours by putting it off. Following these five simple steps can help make the process a little less painful.

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